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4 weeks



One on one training is a great way to learn new skills and experience training first hand.

Tired of the jumping? Chewing? Biting? Pulling on the lead and the embarrassing greetings with others??

Working with you, I'll help you understand the way your dog thinks, and how to use that to teach him new things! in the process, you'll both develop a communication you've not known before! Communication is where most of us have a hard time at training... we say one thing, expecting the dog to understand it, yet they don't... and we become frustrated. This course opens up those lines of communication and allows you to understand how and why the most simplest behaviors can be the foundation of so much more down the road!

We cover Sit, Down, Watch me, Walk nicely (on leash), Place, Come and other various tasks based on the skill of the dog/handler team.  

The 1on1 class is a path of stepping stones. The first in many steps along the path to a great relationship with your dog!

Sign up today and come enjoy a learning experience like you've not had before!

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