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This business is for better dogs, but we can't do it with out YOU! The more you get out of training, the better we all look! So, take a moment and read up on what others have had to say about our journeys into dog training. And hopefully you can see your name up here sometime soon too!


May 31, 2022
Charlie Hensley


I wanted to take a minute to brag on Shenandoah K9. He took our 5 month old German Shepard and gave us back a completely different dog. He is still super loving and playful but listens to us when we say something. We can walk him on a leash instead of him walking us! My favorite is he no longer runs and jumps on us, instead he waits for us and having Memphis this was super important to us. He will not run through our front door unless we give him permission to, and of course basic commands. We recommend Dana to anyone, he kept us updated often with Maverick’s progress through the 4 week program and answered all of my questions. Will put any dog we ever own through his program! We look forward to watching him grow with Memphis.
Jan 21, 2022
Wanda Raper 
Definitely will be back for more classes with my euro dobie! Dana McGuire is very consistent an helps you understand your dog very well! He keeps in touch with you the entire time! He loves animals more than people lol I love that! So you know you fur kid will be very well taken care of! Maverick was very happy every time I seen him an you could tell he was loving his schooling! My boy came home an is a different dog for sure no more pulling me around when on his leash! He listens! He also will help you once you get home an reassures you can't break your dog lol. We will definitely be back!! If you need a trainer this will definitely be the one to use!!!! A+ in my books!!! Thank you!!!
November 5, 2021 
Ashley D
They are great trainers. And I will use them again. They keep in touch the whole time. They do what they says very honest. They are good to the dogs.

September 19, 2021  
Darren W
Dana did a great job with our 5 month old Noah, who is a standard poodle. Don’t waste your time trying to train your dog yourself and spend a little money and get it done right with a profesional. I learned this lesson a few years ago
June 18, 2021
Pam B
Dana is not only an excellent trainer of dogs but also of people. He helped build my confidence in training and being consistent. My little shihpoo Scout was not always cooperative but Dana was very patient with him and me.
I highly recommend him as a trainer!!
David Harrison
about a year ago
Dana is a top notch trainer... we have a Belgian Malinois we chose Dana initially because he owns that breed and knows them and believe me anyone who can train a Belgian Malinois can train anything very satisfied with the end result..Thanks Dana
Jill Chaney
about a year ago
Dana at Shenandoah K9 trained Sadie, our diabetic alert service dog last year. We knew we wanted to use a rescue dog and Dana gave us a series of pre-tests to use when picking out a dog. Sadie went through Dana's six month program and continues to perform admirably. She usually catches blood sugar trends half an hour before my implanted CGM. We recommend Shenandoah K9 for any training and especially for service dog training.
A about a year ago
We attended a puppy/young dog HRD workshop along with Dana in June 2020. I was not only impressed with how he handled his own dogs but also how he pitched in to help others, especially my 12yr old. She is a Junior handler eager to learn more about dog behaviour & training but is very introverted. No one had to ask him to, he just stepped up, offered her guidance and treated her like a fellow trainer, not a child. It left a lasting impression on us both. I can not recommend Dana enough for any of you K9 training needs.
Crystal W
 about a year ago
Everything was great, my dog Sadie came home and was a different dog! would recommend him again!
Lorena B
about a year ago
Dana is great!! My mastiff/boxer mix is doing great with the training he gave her and the knowledge he shared with me. If you want a responsible trainer that is truly passionate about dogs this is your place
Susan D
about 4 years ago
Great training provided straight from the breeder to Dana! Koda was a happy pup at pick up who loved his crate and was willing to follow commands. Highly recommend Shenandoah K9!
Jamie O.
about 2 years ago
Dana has taken my crazy, all over the place 15 month old German Shepherd and has successfully turned him into a different dog. I will be going to my follow up training now but from what we brought home this week, I’m amazed. He is so calm and mellow. He listens to me! He was so aggressive toward other dogs. Today he was around another dog and he didn’t even bark when it got territorial of him being there. He “heals” like he is suppose to. He is doing so great on the leash during our walks where he was pulling me on our walks. And one of the most important things, he has/is learning to not jump on our company! Thank you, Shenandoah K9! Forever grateful!
Barry M
about 3 years ago
Abby is an energetic goldendooller who loved to run and play but was wild as a buck. After training with Dana, she is still an energetic young dog but now understands commands and obeys them. Completely changed for the best!!
Paul H.
about 3 years ago
Dana did an excellent job training my silver lab, Rollo, who is very high energy and stubborn. Dana trained him when he was about 4-5 months old for 6 weeks. Rollo is now almost 2 years old now and I still can see how his training has benefitted him. He is far more obedient than he would be if we had not done this training. Thanks Shenandoah K9!
Ashley K.
about 3 years ago
I took my goldendoodle to Dana and she was your typical hyper puppy. She learned the basic commands as well as a few other commands. She is a totally different dog. He was very helpful in also “training” us humans too lol
Amanda L.
about 4 years ago
I brought my dog, Murphy, to Dana almost a year ago. Murphy was very energetic and mouthy and I had no idea how to deal with it. After 6 weeks of training, he is a completely different dog! He is an apartment dog, so it was very important that he could be calm and behave commands. Murphy is a model dog now, who follows commands very well. The service Dana and Shenandoah K9 provide is worth every penny.
Polly R.
about 4 years ago
Dana is an awesome trainer of dogs and their owners! Storm was 4 months old when we began basic obedience training and Dana was very patient in demonstrating to me how to effectively communicate with my dog. Storm and I are a much better team because of Dana's coaching and I VERY highly recommend him.
Lisa D
about 4 years ago
Took our extremely strong willed & ball of energy 6 month old GS to Dana in May 2017. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for Kuda's training. He is still my ball of energy & strong willed but obeys my commands & a few others now & I learned how to handle him as well. The facility, surroundings, & setup were A-1 in my opinion.… 
Theresa R.
about 4 years ago
Tomorrow will have had our beauty for 6 months! She came to us so timid and scared of most everything and everyone. A puppy mill at best in her past life and at worst, just terribly abused. Early on we almost gave up, thinking it was more than we could handle after several years with no pets and now a life full of children and grandchildren! Until we sought the help of this amazing man named Dana! He is so patient, understanding and honest. He has trained us more than Evie! The confidence we have all 3 gained in our little life together is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! She is now mild mannered, so loving, knows so many commands and continues to learn each and every day! Dana THANK YOU for helping us make this work!
Miranda A.
about 4 years ago
Our puppy Stone was donated to us to train as a therapy dog for our pediatric clinic. I truly am thankful for the advice Dana has given us and the work he has put into Stone. We have more training in the future and I am excited about how Stone will help our kiddos! And I know he is loved when we need them for boarding �
Debbie G.
about 4 years ago
Dana worked wonders with our wild child Mini Aussie pup!!!! She is now a teenager & I'm sure we will need to go back for review courses. Dana helped us with commands & helping us teach her doggy manners... we will for sure send Olive Anne to board when we go on vacations!!!!
Larry B.
about 5 years ago
Dana has been my SDs trainer since she first came home to us. He has always been informative and quick to help with any training questions or concerns. He genuinely cares about the dogs he trains and the clients they help. I am glad to have him as a trainer and as a friend.
Brad McGuire
about 5 years ago
 Dana evaluated my dog, applied training to us both, and with consistency and repetition, my service dog (Blue) while still adapting, is AN AMAZING addition to my well being. Yes, Dana is my brother. But I have watched his interactions with SAR dogs for decades. When he branched out to PTSD dogs, I knew the time was right. Hence the two 2800 miles drive to benefit from his experience and knowledge. You WILL NOT FIND A BETTER TRAINER.
Kristen C.
about 5 years ago
Dana is an excellent trainer and is a no non-sense type of guy. I met him almost 7 years ago, when he introduced me to SAR. He is great with all breeds and I've never seen him loose his patience with a canine. He dedicates his time to make sure you and your dog have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. I highly recommend him as a trainer.
May 22, 2016  
Bri S.
"Dana is amazing. From helping us find a service dog that would meet my husbands needs (we went through a few dogs before we found the perfect fit). Dana was very very picky about his choice in dogs. It didn't matter if he had already started training, if he felt the dog was not a good fit, he will find another dog that would, even if it meant starting over again and again. He has high expectations, and I feel that makes him the perfect trainer. Dana went so far above and beyond for us. He did all of the work. We couldn't afford to travel back and forth all the time and Dana did all the leg work, on top of his job of training. He used what he knew about my husband (they knew each other from SAR) and what we told him we needed for the issues present. It was a huge task and he dominated it. We are still in training, but Rebel is teaching us well. I recommend Dana to anyone that is in need of his services!"
May 19, 2016 
Jennie b.
"We sent our dog to Dana and we have been so pleased! I recommend him to anyone."
November 16, 2015
Lena e.
October 17, 2015 
Janet F.
"Dana is amazing - his ability to connect with dogs is remarkable. And he was great at training us to keep up with what he taught our puppy - She had to go to the vet while she was with him and he took care of everything seamlessly - really hard to find someone you can trust who is reliable these days - we are very fortunate to have Shenandoah K9! I live in Nashville but it was worth the drive to take Gracie (our puppy) to Dana - and he brought her back to us when she was done. It is now 6 months post training and she has retained everything he taught her! I would use him again in a heartbeat."
October 8, 2015 
Lindsey S.
"We have a high energy (often labeled crazy) boxer. He is incredibly loving, but we had rescued him and he was not obedient and difficult to get under control. He would jump on people to greet them, run away from us when we tried to get him, and not listen to any commands. We had worked to train him, but obviously did not know what we were doing. He seemed to be getting worse. We had a boxer before that was also high energy, but not nearly as difficult to get to behave. We took Bennett to meet Dana after we had discussed problem behaviors and desired outcomes. Dana was very understanding and listened to our concerns. Bennett ended up needing an extra week for Dana to feel comfortable sending him back to us. He did not charge us for the week, he just wanted to be confident that Bennett was coming back in a way that made his work and our continued training stick with him. Dana took great care of B, constantly sent us pictures and updates. It was important to me that our dog be handled by someone that truly loves and cares for animals. Dana did not see Bennett's behavior as "bad" or requiring discipline, instead there is need to establish boundaries and behaviors so that both the owner and dog are more comfortable and in control. Bennett is still high energy, he is a boxer, but he is able to meet people now without jumping on them, listen to direction, and ultimately, he is just happier and less anxious. We have recommended Dana to several of our friends. If we ever decide to get another dog, we plan to send them both back to Dana."
October 6, 2015 
Tammy G.
"Dana at Shenandoah K9 is great, I took my dog there for the 4 week one on one training. Dana took my wild child and turned her into a well behaved lady. He is very professional and one of the most talented people with dogs I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I would never take my dogs to anyone else. If anyone is looking for a excellent dog trainer you could not find a better one."

October 4, 2015
Dana was a fantastic trainer and helped our dogs out tremendously with obedience, potty training, and other useful techniques. Was easy to work with and great with keeping us updated on how our dogs were doing. Very impressed with how professional he was and how great of a person he is. I would definitely recommend Dana to anyone looking for a trainer.
Conner M.
March 26, 2015

Dana was very responsible and professional with our German Shepherd. Sarge is very well behaved puppy now that Dana has trained him. Dana was excellent in keeping us informed of the training of our pup ie pictures, videos and Facebook postings.

Reggie G.


 January 1, 2015
Dana is great to work with and has a wonderful understanding of dogs and how to communicate with them. My future daughter-in-law calls him "the dog whisperer".
Eva L.
November 8, 2014
Dana did a super job training Blade and us. He was very patient with is showing us how to get Blade to do what we needed him to do. Blade has actually become quite the gentleman. We now have the tools to continue working with our dog. Dana always had great suggestions on how we could correct some of Blades poor habits. We would recommend Dana to anyone wishing to get the best training for their dog. Dana worked with our schedule and was able to come to our residence to do the training which was sxtreamly important to us
Niel K.
November 5, 2014
I took my 2 lab pups to Dana for a month of training. Their problem was leash walking and jumping. I picked them up yesterday. Dana and I worked together for 2 hours so I could continue their training at home. He sent pictures and videos of their progress and it also helped with the separation anxiety on my end.I actually walked the pups last night and what a difference on the leash, no pulling ! I recommend Dana to anyone!
Debbie S.

August 19, 2014
Worth every minute! I have an amazing Border Collie who I knew was manipulating me. In the first five minutes of training, Dana was able to articulate what I was doing wrong. Since the training has ended, life with my girl has been different. My pup no longer ignores me, she now is the best dog I have ever had! I am hoping to continue training in the future as we both gained so much from the experience.
Ali W.
August 11, 2014
We had a great experience working with Dana! And so did our pup, Cody who was a rescue that we adopted. We had no experience with puppies and Dana taught Cody all the basics that have allowed us to communicate with him efficiently. Dana was so accommodating and helpful and we would recommend him to anyone who wants their dog trained by someone is very talented and has a genuine love for animals.
Anna M.


August 6, 2014
Dana McGuire trained my lab mix for 5 weeks and the results have been very rewarding for both "Fenwick" and myself! Fenwick learned basic behaviors and has mastered "Sit and Down" on command and with hand signals! He also "Heels" on command and goes to "place" ( his special bed). also he goes into his crate with ease. Dana was a pleasure to work with and he was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone!
Dana H.
February 19, 2014
Really great trainer! Fun smart and very helpful plus he has just terrific grounds for dog training. He is very knowledgable and has many dogs for your dog to practice socializing with! Dana is also just really nice.
Beth V.
December 29, 2013
Dana is great! Not only did he help train our puppy but also trained us in how to further our puppy's training.worth every dollar!!!
Robert P.
December 6, 2013
I enlisted Dana's help with my border collie. He was showing signs of being a fearful boy with no confidence. I left Blake with Dana for a month of board and train in basic obedience. When Blake returned he has more confidence and great obedience skills that I will continue to work on. I highly recommend Dana as he understands dogs, understands people and has good insight into the relationships between people and their dogs.
Debbie R.
December 5, 2013
We have 2 livestock guardian dogs. They are supposed to be "independent thinkers" and should be given the minimal obedience training. Unfortunately, we followed this advice to the "T" with our Kuvasz (now 3) but were convinced with our Caucasian Ovcharka Shepard (just turning 1) that we should be more engaged and connected to them. We hired Dana after reviewing his credentials and reviews and referrals. After only 4 training sessions, we now have 2 dogs that will pay attention to us, come when called - every time, sit and stay. Dana doesn't use special equipment or tricks, he uses common sense and has trained US to communicate with our dogs. We are very pleased with Dana, our training experience, and our dogs' behavior. We have recommended and will continue to recommend Dana's training services to our friends and any one else who wants to learn how to communicate with their dog so the can co-exist happily. Thank you very much, Dana, for helping all of us.
Cecilia .
October 3, 2013
I am very pleased with the work Mr McGuire has done for me and my dog Ginger thus far. Our first lesson was over an hour and my dog, Ginger, was eager to learn. The exercises Mr McGuire taught me are working. I am looking forward to next weeks lessons. I would recommend Shenandoah K9 Training.
Margarita S.
August 18, 2013
Dana has a keen sense of what it takes to train US to train our dogs. And his very apparent love for dogs and what he does is very inspiring!
Alice B.  
March 24, 2013
Dana is an AMAZING trainer. He has help us with several dogs. First, was our daughter's service dog and currently he is working with my husband's service dog. He is very patient and understanding. He clarifys and will work with you until you understand what he is saying. He listens to what your concerns are and works with your dog and teaches you how to address those concerns. He is very professional and knowledgable. I would recommend him to anybody.
Natasha B.
March 24, 2013
We rescued a 3 year old male Mastiff Bully mix who had a rough start to life, being tied to a tree just being used as a stud. When we rescued him he had no manners, was jumping on everyone, and would only listen to my boyfriend. We signed Caruso up for the 6 week course and by the 2nd class we had a totally different dog on our hands. By the end of the 6 weeks Caruso has mastered all the basic commands now using words only. He also places, stays on commmand, no longer pulls me around on the leash, and finally has overcome his fear of jumping in the cars, but by far the most important of all he is finally listening to me and not just my boyfriend. Dana is VERY knowledgeable and what we love about him is that he doesn't try and shove everything on you or make you feel like you know nothing. Dana listens to your concerns and problems and addresses what you need help with, he doesn't just teach fillers. He taught us the importance of positive reward training and how to handle unwanted behavior. We will be using Dana's services again here soon in the future for our newest addition to the family. Very Highly Recommended !!
Andrea S. 
February 28, 2013
Dana is a FANTASTIC trainer. Dane has so much knowledge in all areas of training. Dana takes the time to answe all your questions and goes above and beyond to ensure all your needs are met and clarifies any uncertainties you may have. Dana is trained in so many areas, he especially helped us training our Iabetic Alert Dog. There are not many trainers who are aware of the needs a diabetic child has and how to specifically train a dog to be an effective service dog. My son LOVED working with Dana. He made our whole experience of delivering our DAD a memorable one. We highly recommend him!!,
Michelle N.
February 28, 2013
Dana helped us with training our service dog Chewie. He was fantastic and very patient with us when we didnt quiet get what he was saying. I would recommend him to anyone I know.
Michael S.
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