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We understand working dogs
We love to run!

Have an active dog? You know the kind, the one who can fetch for hours and hours and hours. The ones where the kids have to tag out throwing the ball. The ones who run along on marathons, the ones who can hike for miles. We know them, we have a few ourselves. We know what it takes to keep these guys happy and entertained.  It's important to exercise the brain and the body. We change your dog's activity approximately every hour. Group play time, individual play time, walks, snack, and sometimes there's even movies and popcorn!

Search and Rescue, Police K9s, service dogs, and other working K9s have special boarding requirements. Nothing must counteract or interfere with their training. At SK9, we adhere strictly to the instructions of a working dog handler. Commands in German? No problem. Your working K9 needs to have individual play time instead of group play? They will get it. Whatever it takes to maintain your K9 partner's training, we will make sure it happens.

One price, no add ons, no hidden charges. Your dogs gets all the services they want or need. Every dog that boards with us gets individual time with a staff member, every dog gets a daily walk, every dog gets an afternoon treat, and every dog gets a bath before going home. We also have special activities for our more adventurous guests. Love a pack run? Hook up to the urban sled dog team and MUSH!!  Some dogs may prefer running our obstacle course.  Our guests of retirement age may prefer some sofa time intstead of a hike in the woods. We may take some time for a good splash in the creek. The options are endless!


We undersatnd that your furry family members are more than just "a pet." We treat your dog the way we want ours treated, and we are some downright picky people!  We pay special attention to their dietary needs, their allergies, their preference in doggie playmates, and the ever important frisbee VS tennis ball choice during fetch.

We post daily updates of your pet's activites so you can see their fun and new friends!

We welcome larger families too! More than one dog? Three? Four? Seven? Boarding rates can skyrocket! Make sure to ask about our multi dog discount!

It's all included
Your furry family is our furry family.

Shenandoah Boarding

Boarding for active dogs!


SK9 is a different kind of boarding kennel. A place where dogs spend their days playing, hiking and learning.  A place where your dog's individual needs and your special instructions are honored.  At SK9, we strive to be the perfect blend of boarding kennel mixed with homestay, all in a rural setting where our canine guests have room to be...well, dogs.  We welcome tours and visits, but as SK9 is also our home, all visits, tours, and drop offs must be scheduled in advance. 

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